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Турне начиная с 22/02/2023 - 14/05/2023

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Ballet le plus joué au monde, Le Lac des Cygnes est de retour en 2023 pour une grande tournée en France et en Europe.


Swan Lake

Most played ballet in the world, Swan Lake is back in 2023 for a great tour in France and Europe.

This ballet immerses us in the crazy love story of Prince Siegfried and Princess Odette. Odette is unfortunately a prisoner of the famous fate of the magician Rothbart : she turns into a swan during the day and becomes a woman again at night. Only the promise of eternal love can free her from this bewitchment. Siegfried then promises Odette to marry him at the ball given in his honor. Will they escape the tricks of Rothbart and his daughter Odile? Will the Prince succeed in saving his bride?

Created in 1875 by the Russian composer Piotr Tchaikovsky, it was in 1895, with the resumption imagined by the choreographer Marius Petipa, that Swan Lake became the greatest classical success of all time.

Between Pas de deux, romantic duets and Danse des Petits Cygnes, the dancers, accompanied by the orchestra, will interpret this masterful piece with elegance.

Symbol of romantic ballet, Swan Lake explores the meanders of eternal love and continues to seduce generations of spectators.

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Результаты с 1 по 20 из 58