The Tales of Hoffmann

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The Tales of Hoffmann — Moldavian National Opera Maria Biesu

The Moldavian National Opera Maria Biesu, with an orchestra,  present « The Tales of Hoffmann », ballet in three acts adapted from the tales of the German romantic poet.

This unclassifiable piece, funny and dramatic at the same time, tells us the loving failures of Hoffmann, narrator and hero. Three periods, three passions three women : Olympia, Antonia and Giulietta. Every love story is framed by the destructive intervention of a malefic character. Between dream and reality, will Hoffmann find the ideal woman and trust himself again?  This new choreographic version stages faithfully the partition of this fantastic tale. The music composed by Offenbach who establishes this popular piece, interpreted by the orchestra, illustrate perfectly the magic of the show. The dancers will rise with dizziness and lightness to share all the emotions of this poet in search of true love. This ballet will transport the audience in a fantastic, happy and nostalgic universe.



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