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    Tribute to Maurice RAVEL


    Bolero is one of Franceconcert’s artistic projects. The choreography, staging, libretto, costumes and sets were devised by our artistic team and were a great success on its first tour in 2016. Franceconcert therefore owns and holds the performance rights to this ballet, which pays tribute to Maurice Ravel.

    This ballet conquered for a long time a large public, and is classified as the most interpreted all over the world. It is in particular Maurice Béjart who in 1961 stages with the dancer Duska Sifnios, Maurice Ravel’s bolero in ballet, who becomes one of its most symbolic choreographies.

    The Bolero appears among the most popular orchestral pieces in the world. It is Ida Rubinstein, a friend and a sponsor of the musician, who commands to the already famous composer, a ballet with spanish character. Ravel, always seduced by the dance, chooses for the bolero, an Andalusian traditional dance.

    The piece has multiple choreographic versions where the perfection and the virtuosity of the dancers set the tone.

    Key part of the history of music and dance, and musical phenomenon even today, Bolero stays one of the musical French masterpiece the most recognized by the world.

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