Dance & Music Classic

On Tour from 03/12/2024 - 01/02/2025

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Bolero is one of the most famous French works in the world. Discover this new production in tribute to Maurice Ravel for the season 2024-2025 !




FRANCECONCERT is proud to present Bolero – Tribute to Maurice Ravel, a unique show touring in Europe and France starting November 2024!

Maurice Ravel’s Boléro is one of France’s most internationally acclaimed masterpieces, and has undeniably left its mark on the history of music and dance. When Ravel was about to embark on a four-month concert tour of the United States and Canada, Ida Rubinstein, his friend and patron, asked him to write a ‘ballet of Spanish character’. Ravel, sensitive to the idea of dance, opted for the bolero, a traditional Andalusian dance. And so the work was born.

Prepare to be transported into this mythical story through a grand spectacle set to the spellbinding music of the Bolero and its powerful choreography!




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Results from 1 to 20 on 82