The Nutcracker

Dance & Music Classic

On Tour from 01/11/2024 -

Tickets from 39 €

Come and rediscover the magic of Christmas in 2024 and 2025 with the classic masterpiece The Nutcracker ! 


Discover the magic of Christmas with Tchaikovsky’s timeless masterpiece!


Franceconcert is proud to present ‘The Nutcracker, The Ballet and The Orchestra’ in a new original production. Experience this ballet staple in 2024 and 2025!

In this Christmas tale, young Clara receives a nutcracker in the shape of a little man as a present. On a mysteriously magical night, the toys, led by the Nutcracker, engage in a fierce battle against the dreadful house mice. Frightened by the events, Clara decides to face her fears and throws herself into the fight, managing to save her beloved Nutcracker. Moved by her courage and filled with gratitude, he transforms into Prince Charming and transports Clara to a fairytale kingdom.

A grand ballet in two acts, The Nutcracker was presented to the public for the first time in December 1892 in St Petersburg at the Mariinsky Theatre. Today, it remains without doubt one of the most performed ballets in the world. Tchaikovsky’s famous music performed by the orchestra, and the virtuosity of the dancers, both sublimated by breathtaking sets and costumes, will take young and old on a voyage of discovery.

Experience all the beauty of this marvellous work, ideal for the Christmas season.


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Results from 1 to 20 on 84