The Nutcracker

Dance & Music Classic

On Tour from 04/11/2022

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The Nutcracker

Live the Christmas Magic in 2022 with the classical masterpiece The Nutcracker!

Duration: 2h10
Soloists: Liudmila Ulantseva, Oksana Bondareva, Igor Anoshka, Artem Bankovsky


Make Christmas Magic more Special with the Nutcracker


Come and discover Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece in a new production!


The Nutcracker 


Franceconcert presents “The Nutcracker, Ballet and Orchestra” with a new production like every year. This classical masterpiece is now performed by the Academic Ballet of Naples with the participation of the following soloists: Liudmila Ulantseva, Oksana Bondareva, Igor Anoshka, Artem Bankovsky. The performance is accompanied by the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Moldova Serghei Lunchevici. Come and discover the Nutcracker in 2022 and 2023!


The Nutcracker: a highly-valued ballet


This Christmas tale tells the story of the young Clara who receives as a gift a Nutcracker in the shape of a little man. In the mysterious night, toys led by the Nutcracker are engaged in a battle against the miserable mice of the house. Woken by the noise, Clara decides to face her fears by participating in the fight and to save her beloved Nutcracker from danger. Moved by his courage and being full of gratitude, he is transformed into a charming prince and takes Clara to a magic kingdom.

The Nutcracker is presented to the public for the first time in December 1892 in Saint-Petersburg in Mariinsky Theater. Nowadays, the Nutcracker is one of the most performed and popular ballets in the world. The famous music of Tchaikovsky interpreted by the talented orchestra and the virtuosity of the dancers sublimated by the beautiful sets and costumes will make shiver all generations in this fantastic world.


The Nutcracker


From fairy tale to ballet: The Nutcracker, a ballet in two acts


The Nutcracker is a two-act ballet with a total duration of 2 hours and 10 minutes. The performance is perfect for both ballet enthusiasts and the general public.


Act I

Guests arrive to the Christmas party: dances and joyful moments are shared around the Christmas tree. Uncle Drosselmeyer invents various games and performs several magic tricks.

Everyone is eager to discover new surprises and Drosselmeyer shows a new doll: a nutcracker with a strange face and big teeth.

None of the children is really interested in the nutcracker. Drosselmeyer happily gives this nutcracker to Clara who goes to her room with her gift.

While Clara is dreaming, her room is illuminated by a mysterious light and scary mice run to the Christmas tree, destroying all the Christmas decorations. The mice take away their king in a panic. Drosselmeyer appears and transforms the strange Nutcracker into a charming prince. And so begins his fantastic journey with Clara.


Acte II

Clara and the Prince are pursued by the Mouse King on their way to the kingdom of sweets where they are welcomed by the Sugar Plum Fairy and the toy festival starts. Clara dances with her Prince, but all dreams must come to an end. Clara awakens from her dream and finds herself by the Christmas tree with her beloved Nutcracker. She remembers her wonderful dream and her unforgettable adventure in the land of toys.

The Nutcracker – a ballet that became a Christmas tradition


Why is this performance so popular during Christmas time?

  • First of all, the story takes place on Christmas Eve and guests hurry to the party.
  • A beautiful Christmas tree stands in the middle of the hall and guests start dancing around the tree.
  • The winter forest, snowflakes and guests with arms full of presents create a festive, Christmas atmosphere.
  • The Nutcracker figure, which was originally a toy, is now a Christmas symbol.


The Nutcracker



The Nutcracker’s tale – a story for people of all ages


The Nutcracker is a real story about the transition from childhood to adolescence, based on the immortal theme of love and the forces of evil. The ballet deals with themes such as the importance of family, love, and generosity.

It is a universal story full of hope and inspiration. If you have never seen The Nutcracker ballet or want again to experience a magic, the Christmas period is the perfect time to discover this fairytale.

This unforgettable performance will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Paris and will be on tour not only in France, but also in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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